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Puppet Exhibit

Here are photos from the recent exibit by the Boston Area Guild of Puppetry at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, hosted by the Needle Arts Guild. (photos by John Lechner)
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The following article is from the March 2008 BAGOP newsletter.

BAGOP Display at Lexington Arts and Crafts Society

by Deborah Costine

The Puppetry Exhibit at the Lexington Arts and Craft guild Jan. 27 through Feb. 17 was a wonderful success with tremendous Guild involvement. Organizer Dave Tolstrup pulled everything together with the help of Elizabeth West and Barbara Harrold.

Back in October, Diane Johnson and Audrea Simpson from the “Needle Arts” group of the Lexington Arts and Crafts Guild attended our meeting. They described their hope that we would be willing to, as a group, mount an exhibit that would represent puppetry of the greater Boston area. Since there was definite interest expressed by those present, it was decided we would do this as a project and Dave Tolstrup offered to organize it.

The gallery at the Arts and Crafts Guild was transformed on Saturday, January 26th as the proverbial “beehive of activity” set up a lively and very colorful exhibit of a wide variety of puppets. Included in the set-up and dismantling were Dave and Barbara Tolstrup, Barb Harrold, Alice Schaefer, Elizabeth West, Teresa Moler, John Lechner and Gary Pappas.

The following Boston Area Guild members had puppets on display: David Tolstrup, Barb Harrold, Elizabeth West, Sparky Davis, Agusta Agustsson, Margaret Moody, Deborah Costine, John Lechner, Lynne Buckson, Maggie Whalen, Sara Peattie, Diane Kordas, Paul Vincent Davis, Elizabeth Freeman, Ron Comeau Judith O'Hare, two “Needle Arts Members” Betty Atkins and Charlotte Christen also were included.

Alice Schaefer displayed several authentic Thai puppets as well as ones from Indonesia that she and her late husband Tom had collected plus a mask made by Tom. Former Guild member Nancy Laverick was represented in the set of Punch and Judy Puppets that she had made for Tom Schaefer. Professional Puppetmaker Barb Harrold had an impressive array of puppets for sale in the “shop” and the beautiful toy theater designs of Agusta Agustsson added a beautifully intricate dimension to the exhibit.

There were also several puppets from the late Mary Churchill, founder of Cranberry Puppets as well as the Puppet Showplace Theater. Other “In Memorium” collections included ones by eclectic puppeteer Caleb Fullan, Tech Whiz Will Stackman, and longtime member performers Lanelle Rice and Claire DiMeo.

A traditional guild Potpourri was presented to a very enthusiastic audience partway through the opening reception. Presenting small performances were: Deborah Costine Margaret Moody,
Sparky Davis, Maggie Whalen, Judy O’Hare, Suzanne Pemsler, David Tolstrup, emceed by Puppet Showplace Artistic Director Kathleen Conroy Mukwashi.

Many thanks go to Diane Johnson and Audrea Simpson of the Needlework Guild at the Lexington Arts and Craft Society who coordinated the whole event and to their membership for the lovely reception. This was a job well done by our guild and especially by David Tolstrup
who coordinated everything and made it happen! – thanks David!

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